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Development, Software,
Research, Design and
Creative Solutions

Powerful, Secure Server and Cloud Software
Including Bolster Suite™,  eMarket PL™
and more...

Secure Server - Cloud Products

Enhance your Design and Media presence with stunning tailored Digital and Print solutions
by EPC Media™

Media and Design

by EPC Media™

Convert your manuscripts and transcriptions into
typeset sheet music, and get your works
Published with Eroica Publishing™

Eroica Publishing™

Music Publishing,
Transcription Services
and Typesetting

Fully Supported and Tailored Rack Mount
"n"U and Blade Servers for your
Datacenter and Cloud.

Custom Rack Mount Servers

Find the gifts you need at the prices you want at
our family friendly web marketplace
- Gifts Upon A Time™

Gifts Upon A Time™

Our family friendly
web marketplace

The SEFAO Enterprises Family

Just Love It!

The SEFAO Enterprises Family

Just Love It!
   SEFAO Enterprises Mission
We put our clients first through vigorous due diligence and collaboration, enabling a solid understanding of our clients needs and goals so we can work together to achieve cost productive solutions.

We strive for continous innovation and creativity through research and experimentation. In the development of our software products we have made discoveries that translated to Intellectual Property in the disruptive technology / security space.
   SEFAO Enterprises History
SEFAO Enterprises is a privately held LLC, originally founded in 2001 by Mr. Stephen E. Orovitz as a learning vehicle / hobby. He designed and built our network infrastructure and servers, developed the search engine (index/crawler) MusicianResources.org (copy found on The Way Back Machine), targeting fine art musicians (until 2004), and our family friendly retail eCommerce Platform GiftsUponATime.com from which eMarket PL was born.

In 2004, SEFAO Enterprises acquired the assets of EPC Media Inc., adding EPC Media as a division. EPC Media Inc. was founded in 1998, and unincorporated in 2004.

In 2005-2006, Mr. Orovitz wrote our first Email Collaboration Suite, called SEFAO Collab. After years of research, development and Intellectual Property, in 2010, SEFAO Enterprises launched version 1.x of Bolster Suite.

In early 2014, SEFAO created Eroica Publishing to assist composers getting their works published, and help composers sell their works.
   SEFAO Enterprises Solutions - Just Love It!
Since 2001, SEFAO Enterprises has enabled clients with the tools required to achieve their goals. Our server - cloud software is built from the ground up to be highly scalable, secure and standards compliant.

Our media and design solutions provides what you need to present your products and/or services they way you want. From video production and editing to graphic design and print, SEFAO Enterprises is the right choice.

We have been providing fully supported servers to fill datacenters for over a decade. Our servers are built to last from the highest quality parts, and customized to your specifications...including jumper settings.

Music is a vital part of the human experience. We created Eroica Publishing to enable composers to publish and make their hard work available. In addition, we offer typesetting, transcription and more solutions for the modern composer.

With large retail outlets it is not easy for product developers to get their products to market. Hence we created our family friendly retail eCommerce site Gifts Upon A Time to enable product developers / managers to sell their products and maximize profits.
   SEFAO Enterprises Management
Stephen E. Orovitz is our Founder and the Managing Partner / Director of SEFAO Enterprises, LLC. Mr. Orovitz brings a love of learning with over 16 years of Information Technology experience and has worked in many technical, creative and management capacities for companies including: United Parcel Service, Audible.com, TimePlex, AIG, Toys R Us (International) and Wyndham Worldwide.

In addition to numerous corporate sponsored courses in Management, Technology, Design and Media, Mr. Orovitz went to school for Audio Engineering at IAR, spent a year at Rowan Univiersity, then went to school for Performance and Composition at Manhattan School of Music (MSM), where he was a scholarship recipient. A few of his solo performances can be found here.

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